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Top 100 Weekly Horses
Top 100 Weekly Players
Top 100 Monthly Players
Top 50 Horses - based on level
Top 50 Horses - based on points
Top 50 Horses - based on EARNED points
Top 50 Horses - based on TOTAL stats
Top 50 Horses - based on stamina
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Top 50 Horses - based on strength
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Top 50 horses according to breed and points:

1. Akhal-Teke2. Alter-Real3. American Cream Draft
4. American Saddlebred5. American Warmblood6. Andalusian
7. Anglo-Arabian8. Anglo-Trakehner9. Anglo-Westphalian
10. Appaloosa11. Appendix Quarter Horse12. Arabian
13. Araloosa14. Ardennais15. Argentine Criollo
16. Ariegeois17. Australian Riding Pony18. Australian Stock Horse
19. Avelignese20. Azteca21. Bali
22. Ban-ei23. Banker Pony24. Barb
25. Bashkir26. Basuto27. Belgian
28. Black Forest Horse29. Boulonnais30. Breton
31. British Riding Pony32. Brumby33. Budyonny
34. Camargue35. Canadian Cutting Horse36. Canadian Warmblood
37. Cape Horse38. Carpathian Pony39. Caspian
40. Cheju41. Chilean Corralero42. Chincoteague Pony
43. Chinese Mongolian44. Cleveland Bay45. Clydesdale
46. Colorado Ranger Horse47. Comtois48. Connemara
49. Costa Rican Saddle Horse50. Crabbet Arabian51. Dales Pony
52. Danish Warmblood53. Dartmoor Pony54. Dongola
55. Drum Horse56. Dutch Warmblood57. Exmoor Pony
58. Falabella59. Fell Pony60. Finnish Riding Horse
61. Florida Cracker Horse62. Frederiksborg63. Freiberger
64. French Trotter65. Friesian66. Galiceno
67. Gelderland68. Georgian Grande69. German Arabian
70. German Riding Pony71. Gotland72. Groningen
73. Gypsy Vanner74. Hackney75. Haflinger
76. Hanoverian77. Hausa78. Highland Pony
79. Hokkaido Horse80. Holsteiner81. Hungarian Horse
82. Icelandic83. Irish Draught84. Irish Sport Horse
85. Italian Heavy Draft86. Java Pony87. Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse
88. Kiger Mustang89. Kiso Horse90. Kladruber
91. Knabstruper92. Konik Pony93. Landais Pony
94. Latvian95. Lipizzan96. Lundy Pony
97. Lusitano98. Madagascar Pony99. Mangalarga Marchador
100. Marwari101. Miniature Horse102. Misaki Horse
103. Missouri Fox Trotter104. Miyako Horse105. Morab
106. Morgan107. Moriesian108. Moroccan Barb
109. Mustang110. National Show Horse111. New Forest Pony
112. Newfoundland Pony113. Nez Perce114. Noma
115. Nonius116. Noric117. North American Curly Horse
118. Norwegian Fjord119. Norwegian Warmblood120. Oldenburg
121. Orlov Trotter122. Paint123. Painted Quarter Horse
124. Palomino125. Paso Fino126. Percheron
127. Peruvian Paso128. Pintabian129. Pinto
130. Polish Arabian131. Pony of the Americas132. Przewalski
133. Quarab134. Quarter Horse135. Rocky Mountain Horse
136. Russian Arabian137. Russian Don138. Russian Heavy Draft
139. Russian Riding Horse140. Russian Trotter141. Sandalwood
142. Selle Francais143. Shagya Arabian144. Shetland Pony
145. Shire146. Soviet Heavy Draft147. Spanish Barb
148. Spanish Mustang149. Spanish-Norman150. Spotted Draft
151. Spotted Saddle Horse152. Standardbred153. Straight Egyptian Arabian
154. Straight Spanish Arabian155. Streletsky156. Suffolk
157. Swedish Warmblood158. Taishu Horse159. Tarpan
160. Tennessee Walking Horse161. Tersky162. Thoroughbred
163. Tibetan164. Tiger Horse165. Tokara Horse
166. Toric167. Trakehner168. Turkoman
169. Vietnamese Hmong170. Vladimir Heavy Draft171. Waler
172. Warlander173. Welara174. Welsh
175. Westphalian176. Yili Horse177. Yonaguni Horse


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